Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time to Simplify My Life

Today has been one of those days where I realize that I am trying to do too many things with my time, so that really I am not accomplishing anything. So now, as the days are warming up (sometimes) I have decided that as part of Spring Cleaning, we are going to simplify our lives. It's time to get rid off all the stuff in our house that we don't really need, old toys, clothing, boxes of junk that have been in storage all these many months, etc.
But to go along with that, I am going to simplify my life, as well as my boys lives as well. What are we really doing with our time? Are we involved in worthwhile pursuits? How can we make our lives simpler, so that we can spend more quality time together as a family? What things do I need to give up, throw away, stop doing in order to make life better?

I heard a couple of months ago, a great idea, of where family members come together and make a list of the most important things that they value. Say, four or five values that represent them. With these values they choose a color and an object that represent these values, and they make a coat of arms with it. So now, when the family sees these objects or colors, they are reminded of the values their family stands for. Some of these families even made t-shirts with their coat of arms on it. I love this idea for our homeschool t-shirts.

Here is my list of values: (It will be interesting to see what my family members come up with.)

Cultural Awareness

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