Friday, November 2, 2012

The People's Vote

My Project:

My assignment this week was to learn about the voting process.  I learned when you vote, the people decide who they want to represent them. If the President of the United States gets voted out, the new president will change things. He calls what is called a "lame duck" meeting of Congress. It's a hard thing to do, to become the President of the United States. It is a lot of responsibility. You are looking after all of the people of America. 

Some of the issues I studied about were Healthcare, the Economy, our Country's Debt, and Education.

There are two main political parties: Democrats and Republicans
Some of the people running for President are: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Barack Obama is now the President with Joe Biden as his Vice President. They are Democrats.
Mitt Romney would like to become President. He has chosen Paul Ryan to be his Vice President. They represent the Republicans.

We also have to choose someone for Governor. Gary Herbert is our Governor now.
Senator Hatch is trying to get re-elected too.

Voting is an important thing to do. If you pick the wrong person, your life could change for the worse. People should study the candidates before they vote. They need to find the person that they like best and vote for them. It is a matter of opinions. But you need to know if the people running for office are going to be good leaders, and if the decisions they make are good ones because they represent the people.

For my project I had to build a voting booth. It took awhile to put together.

Part A. The Making of the Voting Booth.

I started with an empty box.

Spray painted it .
Put the sides on.
Painted it.
Drew on it.

 Put a flag on it.

 Put it outside. And put the papers on it.

        It is done.

Part B: The voters

 I also took part in the National Student Mock Election. I had to get other people to come and vote at either my voting booth that I made, or online at

 Here is my uncle voting.

My brother outside waiting to vote.
The Voter

Another brother voting.

My baby brother trying to vote.

Here's a video of me placing my vote.

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